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Access to Healthcare for Personal Injury Patients

Marrick patients have access to a vast network of healthcare providers so they can prioritize healing and recovery.



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For over 10 years, our time-tested process has delivered real results.

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Medical Provider Visits


Medical Providers and Attorneys in Network

How the Marrick Medical Process Works

  • I am an Attorney
  • I am a Provider
  • I am a Patient

A request for medical care is submitted to Marrick.


Marrick gathers any additional information needed to authorize.


Attorney is notified of authorization and appointment date.


Treatment plan and all referrals sent to attorney throughout care, and are available on our website.


Upon request for final balance, Marrick confirms billed charges with all providers.

Closing the Deal

Marrick sends final statement, along with all billing and medical records to attorney.


A request for medical care is submitted to Marrick.


Authorization with a specific dollar amount is sent to medical provider.


Marrick assists the patient with scheduling their first appointment.


Bills, medical records, and all referrals are submitted to Marrick.


Marrick issues timely payment after each DOS, while ensuring patient continues with care.

Closing the Deal

Marrick confirms all dates of service with provider before closing an account.


A request for medical care is submitted to Marrick.


Marrick gathers any additional information needed to authorize.


Medical treatment is authorized to an in-network provider.


Provider or Marrick will assist patient with scheduling appointments.

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Marrick works with all parties to help patient receive prescribed care.

Following Up

Marrick ensures the patient is not sent any medical bills.

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  • Benefits For Attorneys

    • Minimal information needed to get started

    • Quick turnaround on appointments

    • Unbiased providers have no financial incentive in cases

    • Large network of all types of providers

    • Constantly expanding network of providers

    • Access to all records and bills online at no cost

    Benefits for PatientsBenefits For Providers
  • Benefits For Providers

    • Provide treatment for patients you may have previously turned away

    • Improve payment turnaround time

    • Receive competitive reimbursements

    • Eliminate risk of non-payment

    • Submit existing a/r to Marrick for purchase consideration

    • HIPAA compliant web portal for communication and bill submission

    Benefits For AttorneysBenefits for Patients
  • Benefits for Patients

    • Timely access to medical care

    • No cost to join

    • No fees, deductibles, co-pays or interest

    • An entire team dedicated to you – we’re easy to reach

    • Assistance with scheduling appointments

    • Transportation services available

    Benefits For ProvidersBenefits For Attorneys

Trusted by Over 10,000 Attorneys and Major Medical Providers Across the U.S.

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Real Life Marrick Stories

Marrick has been so accommodating and helpful through both my husband’s and my recovery from our car accident. We lost our health insurance recently and the accident made matters worse. Thanks for taking the time to get us doctors that are close to our home that can work with our auto insurance. We are so grateful for your company.

Lauren B.  |  Patient
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